Mobile Recruiting Delivers The Best Talent


A long time ago employers would post job descriptions on their careers page and just wait for candidates to walk through the door. Sitting and waiting. That was it, and slowly but surely a few candidates would apply and the job would be filled within a year or so. Modern recruiting strategies have turned that concept on it’s head, and put an emphasis on proactivity when it comes to recruiting elite talent.

Mobile recruiting is defined as a recruiting strategy that uses mobile technology to recruit, engage and convert candidates. Almost half (46%) of UK job seekers are now conducting their job search on their mobile devices and recruiting strategies that don’t include mobile could be missing out on some of the best candidates. These are three reasons mobile recruiting delivers the best talent.

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Recruiting Passive Job Seekers

As recruiters we know that some of the best candidates are passive candidates (currently employed but casually searching for new opportunities). Because passive candidates are working full-time jobs a simplified hiring process is essential to recruiting them. Consider whether you would be able to complete a job application on your careers page during your daily commute.

Creating a mobile-optimized career site is a good first step, but mobile recruiting by text to engage talent is the best opportunity to increase your response rates and speed up your response times. With candidates getting bogged down with voicemails, LinkedIn InMail and email, text messaging is a great way to personalize your messaging at scale and stand out from the crowd.

[quote_center]Hire Innovation with Innovation[/quote_center]

Hire Innovation with Innovation

The old strategy for attracting talent meant hoping that candidates would find their way to your careers page, upload their resume and cover letter, and fill out a hundred other details about their background. Employers using this approach tend to attract a candidate pool with similarly outdated approaches to problem solving.

Today’s most innovative candidates expect a cutting-edge hiring process that lives on their mobile devices. This includes learning about your company’s culture via social media content via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, applying through mobile-optimized applications on your careers site and engaging with recruiters in real-time with text messaging.

Millennials in particular are hooked on their smartphones with 90% saying that their smartphones never leave their side. Using mobile recruiting means engaging millennial workers where they live, sleep and work, and filling your candidate database with tech savvy and fresh business solutions.

Playing the Odds

Next time you are sitting on the train or the bus take a look around you. Chances are half the passengers are on their mobile device – learning the day’s news, chatting with friends or responding to work emails. This is prime job browsing time and recruiters using mobile recruiting techniques report that half or more of their applicants apply from their smartphones.

By implementing a mobile recruiting strategy you will attract more candidates and drive higher levels of engagement than ever before. For that reason alone you will attract more talented candidates and be able to be more selective in the interview process.

To recap the importance of mobile to recruit the best talent:
1.Candidates are using their smartphones to research and apply for jobs in greater numbers than ever before.
2.Employers that want to hire the most talented candidates should not expect them to just stumble through their door.
3.Recruiters that create a proactive mobile recruiting strategy will attract, engage and hire today’s best talent.

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