Are You Stressed Out? How To Cope Today


In business, we are constantly told that we need to see the big picture. We are reminded to set long-term, meaningful goals. We are considered successful and are rewarded when we can take a vision and turn that into reality over the course of time.

But sometimes, when the stress in our workplace becomes too much, you just have to make it through the day.

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Start by reminding yourself that we all have those days where we can’t set the world on fire. Sometimes it’s about just checking off a few tasks and not thinking about the big picture at all. It’s how we cope. Then, there are those times we get so wrapped up in the moment that we put far more time and energy into a short-term situation. It may be because we are under the weather, burned out, or just needing a day of “routine” vs. strategic planning. But, having those days does not mean you are not a great leader.

Here are some benefits of just being in the moment:
◾Tasks- It can be a great feeling to have a list of tasks a mile long that get checked off.
◾People- Taking a day to catch up on all those calls you’ve been meaning to return can leave you feeling like you accomplished more than you expected to.
◾Self- You can give yourself permission to feel ok by doing a solid day’s work. You can feel satisfied that you still did a good job.

I don’t think it does any leader benefit to always be pushing ahead at 100 m.p.h. It just leads to being burned out. Take those days once in awhile to get through a more “routine” existence. It may just be the little bit of rejuvenation you need. I find that reading up on suggestions of how to cope better sets me on the right track. I like the article “Why Stress Management Is So Important For Your Health” by Dr. Isaac Eliaz. What do you think? How do you handle those days when you’re stressed out or unmotivated? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Are You Stressed Out? How To Cope Today

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